In GQ’s April issue, Zayn Malik shares how Gigi Hadid and him binge-watch Bollywood movies together!

 In GQ’s April issue, Zayn Malik shares how Gigi Hadid and him binge-watch Bollywood movies together!

GQ Spain and India have collaborated on a special edition featuring global music sensation Zayn Malik, produced by GQ Spain with an additional cover shot exclusively for GQ India. For the first time since becoming a father, Zayn sits down with GQ to give a rare glimpse into his life, discusses his personal passions and shares insights into the meaning behind his latest album, "Nobody is Listening".
Celebrated musician Zayn Mallik has had an eventful professional and personal life with the release of his latest R&B album, Nobody Is Listening, and the birth of his baby girl Khai, with partner Gigi Hadid. In conversation with Daniel Borràs, Mallik gives readers a glimpse into his creative process, his relationship with social media and his South Asian roots
Given below is an excerpt from GQ India’s April 2021 issue:
Everyone is listening
Photography: Petros Kouiouris
Creative Direction: Debbie Smith
Interview by Daniel Borràs
Fashion Direction: Joana De La Fuente
Styling: Marcus Pau
Zayn, born to a Pakistani father and a British mother, rose to fame at 17, when he participated in The X Factor. He became a member of One Direction – the most famous boy band in recent times. After several albums, tours and big hits, Zayn began his solo career – something he wanted from the beginning. His incredible voice and multiple musical influences accompanied him on this new path. There was an artistic need, of course, but also another, equally vital one: He needed the calm that he was sorely missing. He went from media overexposure to doing things his way – openly acknowledging the anxiety he went through, and doing everything possible to remain almost invisible.
What has your experience of life in quarantine been? Some people have adapted better than others. Are you one of them?
I think the quarantine has affected me in the same way as everyone else. I’m not someone who spends too much time outside the house or outdoors, and I like to have my own space, so that’s the only advantage. Other than that, it’s also driving me crazy.
Have you thought about acting during this time? Many of your videos are like short films...
I've always loved acting, so maybe yes, if the role is right.
THE RECENT PROJECT that Zayn’s been most involved with has been the release of his latest album, Nobody Is Listening, an R&B work that incorporates the sounds of the 1980s as well as jazz noir. In it, he speaks candidly about important topics such as anxiety, fake friendships, his hobbies, and even his vices.
Why did you title your album Nobody Is Listening? Is it a personal reference, or a reference to people in general?
I feel, in general, no one is listening at the moment. With everything going on, and in a world of unnecessarily overexposed opinions, with people yelling at each other to see who makes the most noise, I feel like no one is being heard. People love to talk, but nobody likes to listen.
Do you watch a lot of Bollywood movies? We’ve read you enjoy them.
I do – and I have many favourites. I love all the classics. I started showing them to my girl now, and she watches them with me.
What’s your favourite South Asian food? We loved hearing on your IG Live that your mother makes you samosas.
I like all home-cooked food by my mom, curries, chapatis, kebabs, samosas – give it all to me.


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