The Somaiya School’s Kaashvi Kamath tops CBSE Class X post re-evaluation

The Somaiya School’s Kaashvi Kamath tops CBSE Class X post re-evaluation

Mumbai, September 04, 2020: The Somaiya School’s Class X student Kaashvi Kamath, is the CBSE class topper in the Mumbai and Pune region. Kaashvi’s revised score was a 99.6% aggregate in the best of five subjects. She scored a full 100 marks in Science, 99 marks in English and Literature, and 99 marks in Social Sciences post re-evaluation.

The Somaiya School was established in 2012 and in a short span if time, the school has produced two toppers in Mumbai. Earlier in 2018, it was Raashi Shah, who secured the first rank in Mumbai.

Kaashvi said: “I felt absolutely ecstatic when I saw my revaluation results. Now I have 3 perfect 100s in Math, Science and Hindi each. I had always expected to get higher and so I had put in for revaluation. I have now taken PCMB as I have immense love for both Biology & Math, and I will be trying for IIT Engineering. I know that this is not an easy path, but I firmly believe that no success ever comes easy. A quote that will always inspire me is my school's motto: ‘One who strives, achieves’. My parents supported me throughout and my teachers at The Somaiya School were always eager to solve my doubts. I couldn't have done this without them.”

Ms. Parveen Shaikh, Principal, The Somaiya School said: “I congratulate Kaashvi for her achievement. It makes me and all my teachers happy and proud. As an institution, we believe in creating a fair and stress-free learning environment. We believe all students can learn and we will continue to support them as best as we can. I wish Kaashvi the very best for her future endeavors.”


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