World Rabies Day: Rabies killed more people in India in the last 5 years than COVID-19

World Rabies Day: Rabies killed more people in India 

in the last 5 years than COVID-19 

Mumbai, September 28, 2020: Rabies is an infectious viral disease that is fatal by the time its symptoms start appearing after an animal bite. The WHO estimates the death toll caused by Rabies in India at about 1 lac in the last 5 years with more than 1/3rd (36%) of the total deaths across the globe. Every year in the world, 90% of Rabies deaths occur in the children living in rural areas of Africa and Asia while coming into contact with infected dogs. The number of Rabies deaths are still much above than COVID-19 related deaths reported so far (95,500 as on Sep 28). Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL), a leading biologicals company, organized a virtual session to address the issue with eminent heath experts on the occasion of World Rabies Day.

The situation is deep-rooted in India due to the lack of awareness of preventive measures, uncontrolled canine population, insufficient dog vaccination, poor knowledge of proper post-exposure prophylaxis. The webinar on the topic of ‘Managing Animal Bites Better – Lets Collaborate, Educate and Vaccinated’ discussed on these issues. The panellist included Padamashree Dr. Oomesh Kr. Bharti, Epidemiologist, State Inst. of Health & Family Welfare (Shimla), Dr. M K Sudarshan, Founder President of APCRI, Dr. DH Ashwath Narayana, Superintendent of  KIMS (Bengaluru), Dr. Sumit Poddar, Antirabies Consultant (Kolkata), and Dr. Shrikrishna Isloor, Asso. Prof., Animal & Fisheries Sciences University (Bengaluru). 

IIL believes that awareness plays the vital role in rabies prevention. The initiative “Fearless against Rabies”, is a digital campaign intended to create awareness on varied aspects related to Rabies for public at large and also for medical professionals through multiple mediums. This platform encourages organizations & schools to come forward and collaborate in organizing awareness sessions on Rabies. Through this initiative, IIL also aim to create awareness about pre-exposure prophylaxis among pet owners, children, walkers, runners, veterinarians, animal control & wildlife officers  and all other high risk groups. For further details on this and  join hands in our effort, please visit 

While speaking on the handing Rabies, Dr. K. Anand Kumar, Managing Director, Indian Immunologicals Limited said, “IIL is truly a One Health company, playing a significant role in eradicating and providing cost-effective tools for the control of various zoonotic diseases in the country including the dreaded Rabies. As we move ahead there is an acute need of increasing the awareness level among the population at large. On World Rabies Day, several organizations come forward to intensify actions for the awareness of Rabies. IIL’s initiative of ‘Fearless Against Rabies’ is well set to reach out to a larger population on the awareness of preventive measures for rabies.”  


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