Quadnet Poker Network introduces leading online poker room PokerHigh

 Quadnet Poker Network introduces leading online poker room PokerHigh 


~ After achieving massive success with its flagship Spartan Poker platform, Spartan Group has now formed its poker network to ensure an excellent gameplay experience ~  

 ~ Committed to supplying operators nationwide with a diverse portfolio of poker rooms, Quadnet introduces a new poker platform to its online offering – Poker High ~ 


 Mumbai, December 30, 2020: Spartan Group, the country’s most prestigious one-stop gaming destination, recently announced the launch of India’s biggest poker network – Quadnet. With this initiative, Quadnet Poker Network aims to empower new or existing entities finding their ways to enter the gaming ecosystem which is consistently growing at triple-digit figures and is currently pegged at upwards of USD 2 billion.  

 With the launch of Quadnet, the poker network has added a new dimension to its online poker vertical by introducing PokerHigh. PokerHigh, one of India’s leading and oldest online poker rooms has joined the network, making it the third poker room to join after Spartan Poker and Blitz Poker.  

  Mr Amin Rozani, Group CEO, Spartan Group said, “Quadnet poker network analysed the barriers in terms of the growth of new entities wanting to start a poker business. It provides a solution to the hurdles a company faces in setting up a successful poker business.”  

 Mr Rozani, a first-generation poker entrepreneur who co-founded Spartan Poker in 2015 is a strong advocate of poker being a mind sport. He further added, “Currently, we are the only poker network platform that provides free access to poker tournaments worth over INR 200 Cr per year and avail support to the players with a white label solution alongside liquidity of more than 10 lakh players.”  

 With the introduction of Quadnet Poker Network, the online poker ecosystem in India has reached another milestone with the best technology and efficient systems that provide a world-class gaming experience to a new player base. In terms of gameplay, it offers a white label solution for an online poker room that ensures a smooth gaming experience. The poker operators in the network can share the existing player liquidity of more than 10 lakh players– White labels save big by not having to build the initial player pool which is the biggest obstacle for new gaming start-ups. The network also provides an award-winning world-class poker technology platform across the web and mobile apps. 

 “We are excited for this new partnership with Quadnet Poker Network as it gives our players a superior gaming experience. With multiple options to choose from, players will get access to games of their choice which will, in turn, help us grow the poker community. This is a key milestone for us, and we have a whole bunch of differentiated IP-led strategies planned for the coming months and years. We also want to build awareness around the idea of safe and reliable gaming to help our players be more equipped with the know-how to play the game at a competitive level,” said Mr Gaurav Gaggar, Director of PokerHigh.  

 PokerHigh has been at the forefront of innumerable new initiatives, including being the first in the country to host a legal & licensed offline poker tournament in the national capital, and more recently driving poker initiatives for charity, thereby raising over 13 lakhs in a matter of a few months. PokerHigh now plans to expand the overall player base by inducting the gaming audience of India into poker, while strictly maintaining the responsible gaming side of things.  

 Mr Nasir Patel of Quadnet Poker Network said, “We are delighted to welcome PokerHigh to the network. We are sure that this will be a profitable move for both entities.”  



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