TresVista hires 300 employees despite the pandemic

 TresVista hires 300 employees despite the pandemic


Hirings effected across domains and designations with more to be filled by end of 2020

Introduces hybrid work model to offer flexibility and comfort

Announces increments in October 2020 across roles

Mumbai, December 22, 2020: TresVista, a leading provider of high-end outsourced support for asset managers, entrepreneurs & corporates, in line with its people-first priorities, has hired close to 300 employees in 2020 for its delivery centers in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. The hiring and on-boarding of new joinees was seamlessly handled with the help of digitization in the recruitment process.

 Since the onset of the pandemic, TresVista has hired employees across diverse verticals both delivery & non-delivery roles and across the hierarchy. The departments hired for include Business Development Services, Human Resources and Marketing & Corporate Communications, amongst others. The hiring targets for the year are still in the pipeline, in addition to the 240 Analyst level positions already filled. The organization will seek to meet its targets before the end of the calendar year by closing on almost a 100 more positions. Not just numbers, TresVista has made the onboarding journey both intuitive and engaging with the new normal. Towards current people, several policies like a special Caregivers’ leave and WFH setup were initiated.

 On the business front, TresVista has increased its FTEs by 14.5% from FY 2019-20, started new service lines including Business Development Services and end-market specializations, and will increase the Y-o-Y revenue by ~27%.

 Sudeep Mishra, Co-founder and Managing Director, TresVista said, “Our focus remains on hiring talent with cross-functional capabilities and complementing that with improving the candidate experience throughout their tenure. A hybrid work model will be enabled when we reopen offices. This will offer flexibility to everyone while we continue to evolve from the learnings of a Work From Home set up."



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